Applying Visa for Canada

You may obtain study permit forms in your country of origin at the Canadian Embassy, High Commission or Canadian Education Centre. Applications and documentation must then be submitted to the nearest visa office.

Canadian Study Permit under Student Partnership Program

  • The New Canadian Study Permit pilot project for Selected Community Colleges / Universities is called the Student Partnership Program (SPP) and its objective is to streamline the application process and give priority to SPP applications, to improve the time it takes to properly process and assess applications (14 days) and to dramatically improve the overall approval rates of Canadian Study Permit. This scheme only applies to those who are submitting applications to either the Delhi or Chandigarh Canadian High Commission for Study Permits.

What is a Student Partners Program?

  • Student Partners Program was created by Canadian High Commission offices in Delhi and Chandigarh in order to speed up visa processing and reduce the number of documents needed to asses visa/Study Permit applications for a certain category of students admitted to select Colleges / Universities.

Which Colleges are selected for this program?

  • Seneca College, Centennial College, Georgian College, Douglas College, Sheridan College, Okanagan College, Lambton College, etc.

How quickly can a visa/Study Permit be processed through this program?

  • The applicant will normally receive an approval-in-principle and medical instructions, a refusal letter or call for interview, within 2 weeks of application. Once the applicant undergoes their medical examination and provides their passport, the Study Permit will normally be issued within one week.

What students will be considered for this expedited visa processing?

  • Only students who are admitted unconditionally (submitted valid IELTS results with a minimum of 5.5 score) into a post-secondary program and those willing to apply for an Education Loan from one of the approved Banks (see list below), can be processed for their visa/Study Permit through this program.

Are there any additional fees?

  • No, there are no additional fees for this Program. You will need to pay regular visa processing fees in a manner specified by the CHC office where you are applying (Delhi or Chandigarh)

  • If the student doesn’t have a valid IELTS score, but has the required TOEFL score, Can the student be considered for admission to the selected College through this program?

  • The student can still be considered for admission to the selected College / University and can apply for visa/Study Permit through the regular visa stream. However, the student cannot be considered for the expedited processing through the Student Partners Program. CHC will only accept valid IELTS score with the minimum of 5.5 score.

  • The student’s parents have bank statements with sufficient amount of money to cover the tuition and living expenses for one year. Will the student be considered as eligible applicant for the Student Partners Program?

  • No. However, if the student is accepted by the college, the student can still apply for Visa/Study Permit through the regular processing stream. The student cannot apply under SPP.

  • If the student has applied through a consultant, does he need to report this information to the CHC office?

  • Yes. CHC will ask the student to state whether he has received assistance from a consultant. Failure to report this information may result in the rejection of visa.

How will the student know if he would be considered eligible for the Student Partners Program?

The College / University will send information along with the offer pack

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