Language requirement to study in France?

Although the expected level of command of English may vary depending on the school and, above all, the study program or course, the usual average English language requirement you will be required to have to study in Europe is 550 points (paper-based TOEFL test), or 213 points (computer-based TOEFL test), or 79-80 points (Internet-based TOEFL test), or 5.5 - 6.5 score in the IELTS test.

A beautiful language, a beautiful country and a wonderful culture.

Not only French is regarded as the sweetest language of the world, France also has a very vibrant student culture. France is widely regarded for it's great architectures, sophisticated culture and great values. Paris, the love capital of the world is also the most visited / touristic city of the world.

A safe country, safe for women and no violence against ethnic minorities.

France is a safe country. It's safe for women, you can return from a friend's place post midnight taking public transport without bothering about your safety in 99% of the country. You can also dress comfortably here, there won't be those annoying stares and glares.

Besides, and more importantly, there is no physical violence in this country against ethnic minorities. Your parents won't have to worry about your safety, unlike some other western countries where Indians are not safe now a day.

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